The assessment clinic is where patients undergo the diagnostic process of triple assessment. This includes a radiological assessment, a pathological assessment and a clinical assessment.

Clinical Assessment

A clinical assessment is conducted by a specialist breast surgeon and used to document, evaluate and diagnose results. Breast cancer patients are referred to our results and follow up clinic, where they will plan their treatment and follow-ups.

Radiological Assessment

A radiological assessment of the breast consists of a mammogram, ultrasound or perhaps both.

Pathological Assessment

A pathology assessment is the examination of specimens taken.

Results and Follow Up Clinic

Here patients receive the results of their investigations or treatment from one of our specialist consultants. There are various types and stages of breast cancer and each patient will consult with our specialist to plan carefully and individually their course of treatment. Treatments available at KBCC are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. You may receive more then one type of treatment depending on your medical requirements.