CTC Group

Established as Central Trading Company (CTC), the company soon rose to be a leading name in the entire region. Since inception, the company has been actively involved with multinational corporations to acquire and hold their exclusive representation in Sudan. In the decades that followed, CTC gained an enviable reputation as general merchants, traders, exporters and manufacturers by maintaining the highest standards in international import-export management services.

Elneffeidi Group

Elnefeidi Group has become one of the largest companies in Africa with an extensive range of business portfolio covering various types of commercial entities segmented into seven divisions of Logistics, Automotive, Agriculture, Real Estate, Mining, Trading and Industry.

Haggar Holding


Haggar Holding Company (HHC) is a for-profit investment vehicle, with investments in a range of manufacturing and services industries in Northern and Southern Sudan.
HHC strives to provide high quality ‘People Products’ at a fair price that satisfies our consumers, and to build up teams of talented people who understand the importance of constructive criticism and accountability.


Mahgoub Sons Group

Mahgoub Sons - Khartoum Breast Care Centre Friend


Mahgoub sons group is one of the prime leaders in the agricultural sector and food industry in Sudan today. The group was first focused on the agriculture sector but has since expanded into various sectors and industries from food packaging, manufacturing and transport to media production and television. Owning over 20 companies in five different industries, Mahgoub Sons Group has managed to defy all odds and position itself as a leader in The Sudan today.

Saeed Group

The Saeed Industrial & Commercial Group is a group of companies which are privately owned by one family, the Saeed family. Many of the companies that make up the Saeed Group are some of the longest running and most reputable manufacturing-based companies in the Sudan.

Sudani Company

SUDANI is the mobile arm of Sudatel Group (STG) of Companies in Sudan, a leading mobile and broadband service provider to consumers and businesses in Sudan, a leading regional telecommunication provider with presence in more than four African countries.In an increasingly connected world we aim to be at the forefront of leading the telecommunication change in Sudan and the region. Sudani is the first telecommunication company in Sudan to deploy 3.75G.


Teital for Trading and Industry

Teital Trading and Industry - Khartoum Breast Care Centre Friend

Elteital for Trading and Industries is a privately owned, Sudanese business working in the industrial, trading and export sectors. Since the establishment of the company over 7 decades ago, the firm has grown into one of Sudan’s leading companies in its field , Elteital for Trading and Industries specializes in the production of detergents and toilet soap, glycerine, soap noodles, as well as sesame hulling and cotton ginning. The company boasts state of the art production, hulling, ginning, and storage facilities along with top of the line technologies.


Charitable fund objectives

The purpose of this policy paper is to provide guidelines on how KBCC Charitable Funds are to be disbursed, to whom and by which means. The Policy will also set standards for managing risks and opportunities related to the usage of funds.

The Policy will ensure that funds are used in the most fair and transparent manner to benefit financially vulnerable patients irrespective of color, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, disability or age of applicants. It should also serve its users to financially assist the target beneficiaries in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Charitable fund policy

With the objective of availing breast care and awareness to the largest number of people possible the Charitable Fund Policy aims to direct the Charitable Committee on how to deal with funds donated by good-doers or raised by KBCC for the sole purpose of assisting financially vulnerable patients.

CFC comprises two sub-committees.


  1. Assessment Committee: responsible of evaluating, administering applications received and ensuring that funds will be used for intended purposes as stated in the CFC policy. The sub-committee consists of five members of whom at least two are from KBCC (Board of Directors).


  1. Fund Raising Committee: is responsible of raising funds to financially cater for CFC requirements.


Services and Treatments

Funds could cover but are not restricted to the below services and treatments:

  1. Surgical Treatment
  2. Biopsy.
  3. Chemotherapy Services.

Funds could also be used for awareness raising programs if the donor specifically requests so.

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