Doctors often use additional tests to find or diagnose breast cancer.

Breast ultrasound:

A machine uses sound waves to make detailed pictures, called sonograms, of areas inside the breast.


Diagnostic mammogram:

If you have a problem in your breast, such as lumps, or if an area of the breast looks abnormal on a screening mammogram, doctors may have you get a diagnostic mammogram. This is a more detailed X-ray of the breast.

Diagnostic mammogram - Khartoum Breast Care Centre

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

A kind of body scan that uses a magnet linked to a computer. The MRI scan will make detailed pictures of areas inside the breast.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Khartoum Breast Care Centre


This is a test that removes tissue or fluid from the breast to be looked at under a microscope and do more testing. There are different kinds of biopsies (for example, fine-needle aspiration, core biopsy, or open biopsy). For more information.

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